Chris was born in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn and raised in Howard Beach, Queens. Chris says that the first time he ever heard rock and roll music was when he was a young boy, riding in the back seat of his parents’ car, on a hot summer night. “It was CBS-FM 101.1, Don K. Reed’s ‘DooWop Shop’ radio program that first got me hooked. As soon as I heard those great tunes and sweet vocal harmonies, my life changed forever”, Chris says. “I also credit my dad for turning me on to rock and roll and for enlightening me with stories about the old neighborhood in Brooklyn, where it was commonplace to hear doo wop music coming out of every radio on the block and people hanging out on their porches and stoops, singing accapella doo wop late into the evening.”

As Chris grew older, he discovered the intricacies associated with the music of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Lou Reed and became a regular at second-hand record shops on Greenwich Village, NYC, such as Subterranean Records and Revolution Records, where he’d scour the bins for rare vinyl and,,...”field recordings”, as Chris likes to refer to them. To date, Chris owns over 3,000 records, tapes and compact discs, along with many other pieces of rock and roll memorabilia.

Chris developed his voice and sang lead vocals in a Long Island-based band from 2003-2011. Chris has recorded two albums with his former band, writing, arranging and producing three tracks on each album, both of which are featured on iTunes. Now, Chris comes to the Gypsy Felons psyched up and ready to rock and roll again!!! “I think this band has so much potential, the members are wonderful people and we are dedicated to making some great music together!”, says Chris. “Look out everybody, here comes the Gypsy Felons!!!”