Joe Caravella was born in the back of a tour bus for the Dave Clark Five and started playing the guitar at five months old.

He was raised by the cast of ‘Beatlemania’ and the second unit film crew for ‘Woodstock’, and helped raise money by performing the B Sides of YES albums in one-child shows playing the guitar, harmonica and glockenspiel at the same time.

When he turned 14, he became the backup to Ace Frehely for KISS and often had to come out halfway though concerts in full makeup when Frehley would become unglued under the influcence of a cocktail consisting of Cocaine, PCP, Elmer’s Glue and Pop Rocks and be unable to perform.

Upon recieving diplomas consecutively from Juilliard, Harvard and Uncle Bob’s Clown College ‘O Fun, Joe became the lead for the off broadway musical version of Citizen Kane, where Rosebud was actually a guitar... not a sled.

Playing to packed houses didn’t quench the fire in a young Joe’s heart and he went on to join the Red Cross, teaching long lost african tribes how to play guitar with a blues slide and wa-wa pedel and it was there he learned to make guitars out of bamboo, reeds, elephant toenails and mangos. Refreshed from his year of service, Joe returned to the United States and rededicated himself to his music.

After sold-out, all guitar performances of ‘Tommy”, “The Wall’ and ‘Elmo Saves Groutchland’ at the Beacon, Joe was recruited to the GypsyFelons where he has found a new found love for all music and musicians, except for the smart ass drummer that recently joined the band.