Come and listen to a storyabout a man named Ted, Born in Manhattan,grew up in Queens, moved to Suffolk in ‘73, still heading east. I still trecall my initial infactuation with the bass.I remember listening to Paul McCartney doing the bass riff in Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. Thought it was the coolest thing. I remember moving the balance control on the stereo so that I could hear the bass clearer in a single speaker. I was hooked. Started playing along to records with an acoustic guitar with 4 strings. Moved up to Gibson EB-3, Fender Jazz.

Recorded 45rpm with band called Creation, a chart-topper reaching # 17somewhere down south! Tried wedding band gig until I saw myself in ruffled purple shirt with 10 other guys! Been a rocker ever since. First live experience was in front of about 500 college students. Took a break,settled down, came out of semi-retirement, ran into angood old friend,passed the audition,became a Gypsy Felon!