I’m the founding member of the band; found all these good people from Craigslist posts starting in Spring 2011. Was originally looking for a garage band for fun…look what it’s become now, and way more fun!

Been playing guitar since I was 10. I’ve been a Rocker my whole life! I like everything from Beatles to Breaking Benjamin; from Alter Bridge to Zappa; and a lot in between. Primary influences were Southern Rock, Classic Rock & Prog Rock. Now I’m enjoying all of Today's Rock; all good stuff.

Besides my love of music, I’m an all-season hiker (prefer winter). Have hiked most of the tallest peaks on the East Coast over the years.

Love effects pedals, Mesa Boogie amps, and distortion! Loud is Good. I try to add some nice fill and fun to the music. Hope our music makes you happy.